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Support Collectors Scholarship Award Winner for 2018

Congrats to Countney Stepan our SCI College Scholarship award winner for 2018. Courney attends Texas Tech University and will use these funds for her tuition this coming semester.

Below is her award winning essay:

Problems Faced in a Separated Family

“Why can’t they just get along”, “Why do they always have to fight”, “It’s my fault they aren’t together anymore”; these are the thoughts that sailed through my mind for years after my parents got a divorce. As a young child, I never understood the reason for my parents being separated. While all of my friends had a happy whole family, mine seemed to be constantly falling apart. There are many problems that children, both young and old, face when their parents go through a divorce. As a child who comes from a broken family, I can vouch for each problem that I will explain as well as every solution I will offer. Children have a particularly tough time with separation. Sometimes, parents fail to consider the ramifications of the consequences of this separation on their children. Understanding how kids can see the separation and the ensuing parental relationship is an important factor in helping lessen the emotional turmoil of separation for children.

First, the child almost always thinks it is their fault. They need to understand that it is never their fault. A divorce can be difficult for a young child to understand. The most important thing to do as a parent is explain to them what is happening. As a child, they also do not understand how to process information that is as life crushing as their family getting torn apart. Family is the most important thing to a kid and when it separates, this can easily create a divide between the kid and one or both parents. A way to overcome this loss of relationship(s) and self blame, would be to reach out to both or one of the parents and talk about the problems that they are facing with the divorce. Kids often prefer to hold feelings inside, but they should not be afraid to talk to their family about what they are going through, especially since it is sometimes hard for the parent to remember that the child is going to have a completely changed life after a divorce. Unfortunately, the kids will most likely be unable to see one of their parents as much as they used to. This can be extremely detrimental to the child’s maturity, relationship developments, and overall mental health. Kids should try to make time to spend with both parents equally. If the parent is suddenly having to be a single guardian then their children will most likely not receive as much attention as they did when there were two parents who worked together in receiving a good income for the family. The parent may also be more easily irritated if they have to work multiple jobs or longer hours. The kid needs to be prepared for this outcome and know that it is not them who is making their parent upset.

Next, this new stress load that is dropped onto a single parent might cause them to easily blame the other parent. For years, my mother blamed my father for everything that went wrong in her life. The kid should understand that there is no one to blame when it comes to a divorce. Nonetheless, they should be prepared to see their parents fighting or hear them talk badly of one another. Incidents like these can affect the child’s depiction of their parent(s). It is important for the child to understand that their parents are facing challenges they never wanted to face. They must be prepared to forgive their parents for anything they do because of the stress from a divorce. As the stress level increases for a household when it encounters a divorce, the child’s stress level increases as well, often leading to depression or feelings of loneliness. Growing up in families where their developmental needs are not met, children may face a variety of problems including low self esteem, inability to trust others, substance abuse, or teenage pregnancy. This can then affect the child’s grades and social life. With an understanding of these impacts, the child can learn to overcome these feelings by talking to their parents, a friend, an authority figure, or even asking their parents if they could speak to a professional to help cope with the separation.

Lastly, the kids should be prepared to downgrade. If they were comfortable in their assets while their parents were together, they will likely have less with just one parent, especially if that parent makes the lower income. They may not get as many things as they want or as many gifts on their birthday or Christmas. To overcome this, they will have to understand that their parent is trying their best to care for their family on their own and keep their children happy, which is one of the toughest challenges for a parent. The longer the parents are separated, the more likely it is that they will remarry. This can be one of the biggest challenges the children face because they often feel as though their parent is trying to replace them or their other parent. The best way to cope with this is by finding reassurance that the parent has no intention of replacing anyone. The child must accept that their parent still wants to have a family that includes someone for them to love.

While many problems come from divorce, good things can come out of it too. A family needs to be prepared to combat the problems head on so they can figure out the best ways to do things for everyone. Both the children and parents must be willing to cooperate when coping with a divorce. There are many instances where a broken family does not understand how to keep everyone’s best interest in mind, however, there are also many who are able to overcome the problems that they face during a divorce. It may take a while, but with effort and patience, eventually everyone is able to overcome the problems that are experienced before, during, and after a divorce.

Support Collectors collects a record $342,677.00 in unpaid family support (alimony)

Making a difference one family at a time, one payment at a time is the definition of success and not just our tagline. After a seven year involvement with one of our California clients, we are nearing the end of our relationship. Why you may ask? Because we are expecting the final $18,000 payment of a $342,677.00 spousal maintenance debt!

Our case started in 2008, when a struggling 64 year old divorcee contacted us with a story we hear all the time; help was needed to collect alimony. After 25 years of marriage, the life she knew was no more.

This was not a typical case; the ex-husband was a company executive who managed to hide behind the companys an executive. In addition, he was not in the US, he resided overseas; in fact most of his personal investments were located in 3 different countries, none of which were the U.S. Our typical tools did not render payments, he refused to discuss the situation and pay the support that was owed. In fact his comment to our representatives was to, “take me to court”… eventually his wish came true. Our collaboration with a very knowledgeable and determined California attorney resulted in the garnishment of the ex-husband’s quarterly payments profit distributions from the company’s he had ownership in.

Clearly, a complicated case but we deal with many complicated cases and more often than not, get results. Our client was humbled by the support she had received form Support Collectors. Her journey was not an easy one, at times she was penniless, not knowing how to pay for the medical care she required. “It is comforting to know that I had the support of a team behind me who listened, cared and while they may not have truly been able to walk in my shoes, helped me obtain the alimony that was due to me. My thanks to everyone involved. Support Collectors was able to help me feel like I mattered again… I encourage others in my situation to contact them to help”.

$45,000 child support lump sum collected for a California mother

February 18, 2014

Congrats to Ranee a client who just received $45,000 in back child support! Here in her own words is her story… glad we could help you collect your support!


Last spring I was talking to my brother and he was complaining how the state of California had attached his wages and was taking more than $600 a week out for back child support. His youngest son is older than my oldest daughter. I had not realized until then that I could possibly collect on my back support. I had my youngest daughter go on line and see what she could find to help us. She found “Support Collectors”. I requested help and spoke to Toni Olson at Support Collectors, she sent me the package and I filled out all the necessary paperwork. I figured 70% of something, is better than 0% of nothing.

About one month ago, they informed me that they had contacted my “ex” and he was proposing to pay the approximately $24,000 principal only owed. That was not acceptable to me, I had raised my daughter and continue to help her and my grandchildren to have a better life and knew he was quite wealthy. I was not going to accept anything less than the principal, Support Collector’s fee, plus some interest for insurance and other bills he owed me through the divorce, which took place in the late 80′s. I may have been a little aggressive in my conversations with the folks at Support Collectors, but I felt I am the client and I know what my “ex” is worth and I deserved more than his offer and I was not willing to compromise on this. If he could not afford to pay $240 a month when he was ordered to, I did not trust him to ever make monthly payments.

As it has turned out, the pressure was being put on by Support Collectors and they were pressuring him to pay all of what he owed. I finally agreed to a settlement of $45,000 lump sum payout. Support Collectors has already received the check and this should all be over with around Valentines Day of this year!! I am grateful to everyone at Support Collectors, especially Toni Olson for helping me out and coming through with this. It is nice to finally have what is due me.

Thanks again for your help!


Chicago Tribune finds another Support Collector’s success story!

Support Collector’s Director of Enforcement Tim Turner was recently quoted in a story about seeking outside resources to collect child support. A mom (and client of Support Collectors) was then contacted and asked to tell her story. Great work Lee Ann for telling how you were unable to collect your support and finally found success after turning to an outside private enforcement agency. The entire story can be found here:

There’s also a great related story about the problem of unpaid child support here:

As we always say, the government child support enforcement agencies are always the best “first option” because they are free to use. However, as Lee Ann and many other custodial parents have found, the are not always able to help parents. Fortunately, there’s outside private child enforcement agencies that can!

another child support collection success story!

We just received another child support collection “success story” letter from a new client “Deborah H.” who came to us after all other sources failed, including her government child support enforcement office. Thanks Deborah for taking the time to write the letter and we’re glad we were able to help you collect your child support! We love making phone calls like this!

Read her story first-hand here: Testimonial – Deborah H. quotes us in child support enforcement article

Make sure to check out a great story on the failures of the child support enforcement system. Our President, Tim Turner was interviewed and explained why our typical client has to come to us and what a difference collecting their back child support makes in our client’s lives. It’s a great piece on how large of a problem unpaid child support is. Fortunately, there are private child support enforcement agencies available when all else fails.

International Child Support Enforcement Success Story

December 11, 2010 – Meet Tim L., a father who was awarded custody of his four-year-old daughter by a California court in 2004. Tim explained that the mother had abandoned the child at the age of three, and after the court order she “chose to play very little role in the child’s life, either from an emotional involvement perspective or from a financial perspective, despite being ordered to pay child support.”

Tim and his daughter later had an opportunity to relocate to another country, and they did move after receiving the full written consent of the non-custodial mother. Unfortunately, after the move the non-custodial mother stopped paying child support altogether. Tim contacted the California Department of Child Support Services for assistance, but had only limited success which soon ended.

Tim realized he had to find another solution and began researching his options. “Due to frustration with the mother for refusing to contribute in any positive manner as well as frustration at the ‘system’ which refused to help us, I turned to Support Collectors.”

Even though Tim’s case was much different due to its international complications, Support Collectors wasted no time getting started. Tim was impressed that Support Collectors’ team was “fantastic at asking the right questions and reassuring me that there was a solution to the problem here.” Support Collectors’ investigators located the non-paying mother’s employer and, using a California child support lawyer from its nationwide attorney network, garnished her wages to secure payments on the large balance of child support owed.

Tim was extremely impressed and thankful for his daughter’s sake. “I could not have done this without Support Collectors and would recommend anyone to entrust them with their case. If they can make this work for someone living on the other side of the world then they can certainly help you!”

Tim’s case illustrates the growing trend of custodial fathers facing difficulty trying to get their child support orders enforced. Support Collectors’ proven system of designing custom child support enforcement solutions helps fathers and mothers collect the child support they’re owed nationwide, and sometimes even internationally!

Support Collectors releases online tool to assist parents with child support enforcement options

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 17, 2010 – (Minneapolis MN) – Support Collectors, Inc., a national private child support enforcement agency, has built an interactive child support tool on its website to assist parents who are owed child support make an informed decision before hiring a private agency. “Many parents who are owed child support and need help collecting don’t know what questions to ask, so it’s always been our goal to help educate them about their options. We want parents to choose a private child support agency that’s a good fit for them” says Tim Turner, President of Support Collectors.

Unpaid child support continues to be a massive nationwide problem with billions per year going unpaid. While the free or nearly-free services the government provides should always be a parent’s first option, there are many times that the government is unable to assist. “The reality is that government child support enforcement offices are being asked to do more with less and that leads to some cases not getting the attention they deserve,” explains Turner. In fact, according to a recent report from the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement ( …), government child support offices collect on only 57% of their cases, which means 43%, or 6,862,335 cases, receive nothing. These figures don’t even take into consideration the spousal support (alimony) cases that are typically not enforced by government child support offices.

“When you are one of the parents not getting support, you can either choose to do nothing or choose to take action,” states Toni Olson, Director of Client Services for Support Collectors. “If the government child support enforcement agency can’t help, there are basically two options left: hire an attorney or choose a private child support enforcement agency. Unfortunately, attorneys typically require an upfront retainer in order to begin their work and most parents can’t afford that expense. On the other hand, most private child support enforcement agencies don’t require payment upfront; they are usually only paid out of amounts collected. Support Collectors uses experienced investigators and a network of child support attorneys to give each case the personalized attention it deserves.”

Support Collectors has released a child support enforcement selection tool in order to assist with this decision-making process at Turner suggests contacting the potential agency and asking the questions the tool provides. “If they can’t answer them, be leery. Professional agencies that have your best interests at heart will be glad to discuss these questions and their answers should make you more comfortable – not less.”

# # #

Support Collectors, Inc. ( is a private child support enforcement agency that assists parents owed child support. They offer an alternative to the overburdened government child support offices and never charge any fee unless they successfully collect.

Struggling single mom finally collects her unpaid child support

Support Collectors adds another success story for a well deserved mom owed child support

November 1, 2010 (Minneapolis, MN) – After being unemployed for 6 months, Lana C’s savings had been “completely drained” from supporting her two sons through high school. The California mom was “destitute” when she finally decided to take action to collect her unpaid child support. Lana was owed over $46,000 in unpaid child support with nowhere to turn. Her child support enforcement agency had already given up on her and closed her case. Refusing to give up, she spoke with several attorneys but they wanted a huge retainer to help her collect her child support. Despair began to sink in and for the first time Lana felt like there was no hope.

Fortunately, Lana’s fiancé convinced her that they should research whether there were other options available to get her child support. He found and encouraged Lana to complete the application. Her first impression was that “it sounded too good to be true, but I thought I have nothing to lose by trying.” She completed the application and returned it to Support Collectors’ office. Once received, Support Collector’s team got started immediately. Using their network of nationwide attorneys, Support Collectors found an experienced California child support lawyer who was a good fit for Lana’s case. The child support collection attorney was able to secure a lump sum for Lana, who was “thrilled with the settlement that he was able to negotiate”. Support Collectors is quick to point out that they are not able to achieve lump sum settlements for everyone, but they are always looking for a way to achieve similar results through personally customized enforcement remedies. As to the feeling of success, Lana explained “not only was it monetarily satisfying but it also gave me the vindication that I was looking for.” Congratulations to Lana for her perseverance!

To read Lana’s letter

About Support Collectors, Inc.

Support Collectors, Inc. is a private child support enforcement agency that assist parents owed child support. Originally started in 1993 by a single mother who experienced first-hand the frustration of trying to collect her child support, Support Collectors offers an alternative to the overburdened government child support offices. Support Collectors never charges any fee unless they successfully collect. Learn more about Support Collectors’ child support enforcement services.

Private Child Support Enforcement Agency Launches New Website

Support Collectors, Inc., a leading child support collection agency also announces dynamic on-line application

Minneapolis, MN – PRWEB – June 21, 2010 – Support Collectors, Inc. announced today the unveiling of its innovative new child support enforcement website.  “To say this is simply a re-design would be a gross understatement” said Timothy Turner, Director of Enforcement.  “The website is designed to enhance visitors’ and clients’ on-line experience and to provide a wealth of information about our services and child support in general.”

The Support Collectors website boasts a robust database of state-by-state child support information, an easy-to-use child support interest calculator and a detailed guide on how to choose a reputable private child support enforcement agency.  “We felt it was absolutely essential that parents make informed decisions when choosing a private agency to help them,” explained Turner.  “By comparing our business practices to those of our competitors we are certain that parents will overwhelmingly choose Support Collectors.”

Support Collectors also incorporated into the website an innovative on-line application. The application offers clients a quick, easy and secure method to apply for services.  “The on-line application is already a tremendous hit and has become the preferred choice of our clients,” Turner stated.  “The functionality of being able to start the application, save your data, logout and then log back on with a secure password is incredibly convenient.”

About Support Collectors

Support Collectors is a leading national private child support enforcement agency that contracts directly with parents to help them collect their child support and spousal support.  The company has been in business since 1996 and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Support Collectors uses on-site investigators and experienced child support collectors to assist parents struggling to collect their support. “Every one of our employees stands behind our mission of making a difference for families – one family at a time,” noted Turner. For more information visit the company’s website at or call 888-78-CHILD (888-782-4453).

Our clients say...

I want to thank you for doing a job neither the local child support office nor my attorney could accomplish, not only making it possible for my children to receive child support payments on a regular basis now, but also collecting the back support owed to me from a deadbeat dad.
- Robin B., California
Collected $14,000

I had exhausted all courts and literally hit a dead end. I was even told by the Clerk of the Court that I had no further recourse to collect support from my ex-husband, a deadbeat dad. Through your devoted efforts and your highly specialized team, payments started and are continuing.
- Sara G., Florida
Collected $20,000