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Private Child Support Enforcement Agency Launches New Website

Support Collectors, Inc., a leading child support collection agency also announces dynamic on-line application

Minneapolis, MN – PRWEB – June 21, 2010 – Support Collectors, Inc. announced today the unveiling of its innovative new child support enforcement website.  “To say this is simply a re-design would be a gross understatement” said Timothy Turner, Director of Enforcement.  “The website is designed to enhance visitors’ and clients’ on-line experience and to provide a wealth of information about our services and child support in general.”

The Support Collectors website boasts a robust database of state-by-state child support information, an easy-to-use child support interest calculator and a detailed guide on how to choose a reputable private child support enforcement agency.  “We felt it was absolutely essential that parents make informed decisions when choosing a private agency to help them,” explained Turner.  “By comparing our business practices to those of our competitors we are certain that parents will overwhelmingly choose Support Collectors.”

Support Collectors also incorporated into the website an innovative on-line application. The application offers clients a quick, easy and secure method to apply for services.  “The on-line application is already a tremendous hit and has become the preferred choice of our clients,” Turner stated.  “The functionality of being able to start the application, save your data, logout and then log back on with a secure password is incredibly convenient.”

About Support Collectors

Support Collectors is a leading national private child support enforcement agency that contracts directly with parents to help them collect their child support and spousal support.  The company has been in business since 1996 and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Support Collectors uses on-site investigators and experienced child support collectors to assist parents struggling to collect their support. “Every one of our employees stands behind our mission of making a difference for families – one family at a time,” noted Turner. For more information visit the company’s website at or call 888-78-CHILD (888-782-4453).

Our clients say...

I want to thank you for doing a job neither the local child support office nor my attorney could accomplish, not only making it possible for my children to receive child support payments on a regular basis now, but also collecting the back support owed to me from a deadbeat dad.
- Robin B., California
Collected $14,000

I had exhausted all courts and literally hit a dead end. I was even told by the Clerk of the Court that I had no further recourse to collect support from my ex-husband, a deadbeat dad. Through your devoted efforts and your highly specialized team, payments started and are continuing.
- Sara G., Florida
Collected $20,000