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We enjoy finding interesting and bizarre news in the world of child support enforecement. Enjoy the updates!

Chicago Tribune finds another Support Collector’s success story!

Support Collector’s Director of Enforcement Tim Turner was recently quoted in a story about seeking outside resources to collect child support. A mom (and client of Support Collectors) was then contacted and asked to tell her story. Great work Lee Ann for telling how you were unable to collect your support and finally found success after turning to an outside private enforcement agency. The entire story can be found here:

There’s also a great related story about the problem of unpaid child support here:

As we always say, the government child support enforcement agencies are always the best “first option” because they are free to use. However, as Lee Ann and many other custodial parents have found, the are not always able to help parents. Fortunately, there’s outside private child enforcement agencies that can!

Our clients say...

I want to thank you for doing a job neither the local child support office nor my attorney could accomplish, not only making it possible for my children to receive child support payments on a regular basis now, but also collecting the back support owed to me from a deadbeat dad.
- Robin B., California
Collected $14,000

I had exhausted all courts and literally hit a dead end. I was even told by the Clerk of the Court that I had no further recourse to collect support from my ex-husband, a deadbeat dad. Through your devoted efforts and your highly specialized team, payments started and are continuing.
- Sara G., Florida
Collected $20,000